This is LA - Music Fun Box

This is LA - Music Fun Box

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This is LA is the perfect summer music activity box for kids and families. Introduce your child to Beach Boys style harmonies and the classic sounds of LA pop instruments through songs, stories, and games!  

In the activity sheets, your child will join Domi and Sola Pandas as they drive down Hollywood Boulevard in their red corvette, direct their first feature film, and win the Golden Panda Awards! 

In the rhythm games, your child will develop fundamental music skills as they play along with their new tambourine drum! Then put on your sunglasses and grab your microphone to be an LA pop star in our singalongs. Learn all about pop instruments and matching skills in the Road Tunes family board game. In Panda Corner style, we are always learning and having fun!

What’s Inside:

  • Hollywood Storybook
  • Panda Corner Tambourine
  • Toy Microphone
  • Summer Activity Folder
  • Coloring & Activity Sheets
  • Road Tunes Family Board Game
  • Kids Sunglasses
  • 30 Day App Super Pass